Our Wayward Weenies – Genesis Collection has sold out, but fret not!
The Wayward Weenies – Paradigm Collection is minting now!


About Us

Silly Name.
Serious Mission.

Tired of over-complicated utilities and unrealistic roadmaps? Our movement is built upon three simple promises, executed at a very high level: 1.) We will educate our holders about the NFT/crypto ecosystem, so they can make safe, informed decisions that are right for them and their families. 2.) We will give back to our holders and our communities through giveaways and charitable initiatives. 3.) We will create a positive, welcoming, and inclusive space for everyone to learn, grow, and gain in.



Genesis Collection

Our OG Weenie holders enjoy exclusive drops, voting rights, and a free mint of all future collections -- one for each Genesis Weenie that they hold.

Paradigm Collection

Our massive flagship expansion of the Wayward Weenies universe! These 2,448 Paradigm Weenies will be stakeable in an elite multi-project platform.

Woeful Weenies

A dark, ominous cloud of evil is looming… is the Weenieverse in mortal peril?

Way of the Weenie

The Weenieverse needs a hero! Or, better yet, an army of them! Who will save the day?
Genesis Collection Weenies
Paradigm Collection Weenies
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Combined Collection Holders
Meet Our Team

Our Crew


Chief Weenie Officer

Californian, professional streamer, forklift pro, & tubular meat enthusiast.


The Hype Team

Weenie Evangelists

A meaty team of established Web3 Influencers.



Artist & Founder Emeritus

Sold an NFT to buy an iPad and Apple Pencil. The rest is history.

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I knew I was destined to launch an NFT collection of my very own, but most animal-based PFPs had already been done (to death). Since my last name is pronounced like a popular type of tubular meat, I decided to roll with anthropomorphic sausages. The rest is history.

Ethereum Blockchain ERC-721
Contract deployed by

Supply: 448
Trait Categories: 9
Traits: 55
# of “Legendary Weenie” 1/1’s: 22 (4.9%)

Mint Price: 0.035 E
Initial Mint Period: May 24, 2022 – June 18, 2022
Mint Re-Opened: June 24, 2022
SOLD OUT: July 30, 2022
Days on Market: 60

Ethereum Blockchain ERC-721a
Contract deployed by WenMint

Supply: 2448
Trait Categories: 8
Traits: 130
# of “Legendary Weenie” 1/1’s: 25

Mint Price: 0.048Ξ
Private mint: January 25th, 2023 – TIME TBA
Public Mint: January 25th, 2023 – TIME TBA

Our Discord server has a “Beginner’s Guide” channel, which provides introductory information on Web3, cryptocurrency, NFTs, Metamask, and more. Our community is exceptionally welcoming and encouraging of newcomers to the NFT ecosystem, so please feel free to ask questions in the “Meat and Greet” general chat!